A project by Andre Stubbe and Markus Lerner, Berlin University of the Arts.
It was developed on the topic “Lustobjekt” in the Digital Media Class under the supervision of Prof. Joachim Sauter, Prof. Frank Fietzek, Karl Heinz Jeron & Ralph Ammer
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Outerspace interacting
with hand
Outerspace interacting with hand
At a glance Outerspace is a reactive robotic creature. Its motivation is based on curiosity, the desire to explore the surrounding space looking for contact. Touch it, play with it and watch its behaviour.
Curiosity Curiosity is desire. The desire to discover something. The movements of Outerspace are based on its curiosity in exploring the surrounding space. It looks for light, motion, finally contact. As he finds something interesting, this again increases its curiosity, to find out even more. The same thing happens in the mind of the observer, when he approaches the object.
Inspiration The basic form is motivated by insect antennae that are able to make flexible movements in order to explore the environment. Outerspaces broad repertoire of motion actually originates from animals, both in the behavior of single organs and body language. At the same time, human gestures are part of the motion patterns of Outerspace.

Formal reduction and graphical abstraction invoke a wide scope of interpretations.