A project by Andre Stubbe and Markus Lerner, Berlin University of the Arts.
It was developed on the topic “Lustobjekt” in the Digital Media Class under the supervision of Prof. Joachim Sauter, Prof. Frank Fietzek, Karl Heinz Jeron & Ralph Ammer
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Exposé english [pdf]
Exposé german [pdf]

Project description english (600 words) [pdf]
Project description english (300 words) [txt]
Project description german (300 words) [txt]
Project description english (200 words) [txt]
Project description german (200 words) [txt]
Project description english (100 words) [txt]
Project description german (100 words) [txt]

Technical rider englisch [pdf]
Technical rider german [pdf]

Setup guide english [pdf]
Setup guide german [pdf]
Publications Europrix video | 2006
Outerspace is the Overall Winner of the EUROPRIX Top Talent Award 2006, Vienna

No Such Thing | 2006
Media Arts Lab at Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, ISBN 3-932754-80-8

CYNETart_06 humane Catalogue | 2006
10. International Festival for Computer-Based Art, Dresden

CyberArts Catalgue | 2006
International Compendium Prix Ars Electronica

EINFACHHEIT oder Die Kunst des Komplexen | 18 September 2006, Outerspace
Report on Ars Electronica 2006, 3Sat TV

:output 08 | 2005
Outerspace is amoung the winners of :output, the biggest international student competition in visual communication, published in :output 08.
Citations Read what others have to say about Outerspace:

“Is it a microphone on a stick? Is it a spooky, dismembered last-generation iMac looking for its head? Is it a cybernetic pussywillow? We’re not sure, but this robot thing responds to sensory input like tickling, and even gets startled.”
www.engadget.com | 2005-02-07

“Outerspace, a cute little robot arm that, once it gets used to you, behaves a bit like a pet. [...] The machine has nothing human or dog-like. Yet, you get to feel some tenderness for it.”
www.we-make-money-not-art.com | 2005-02-08

“This fun, and strangly familar little robot encourages human interaction through its playful movement. With the articulated arm and ability to move on its own as it searches, the viewer readily accepts that life may exist in ‘him’.”
www.mediarosa.com | 2005-02-08

“Die Idee ist genial, das Lustobjekt von Outerspace wäre garantiert der Partyhit.”
www.maol.ch | 2005-02-07

“Quelles pourront être les applications des capteurs de touché développés sur ce robot ? Pour de nouvelles interfaces hommes-machines?”
technomaniac.blog.lemonde.fr | 2005-02-07
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